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As a child with ADHD, I discovered my love for video games and everything about them: not just the thrill that usually accompanies well-designed, functional gameplay, but also the immersiveness that visually intricate games came with. The more visually appealing the game, the more they intrigued me. What started as a childhood obsession with drawing video game characters eventually led me to a career as a Graphic Artist. 


As the only Graphic Artist at BrainLeap, I drove the visual design specifically to keep games not only aesthetically interesting for our users, but also to hold their attention. BrainLeap provided a unique challenge in video game development to help children with attention issues. After three years of development on 10 different games, I know what it’s like to design products for a seamless user experience, as well as how to design for a specific audience.


The process of identifying innovative approaches and improved solutions to game development challenges really motivates me. Further, I had the opportunity to enhance my collaborative abilities and cultivate a reputation as a major contributor throughout my work at BrainLeap.

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